High or Low Limit Slots – Which Is Better?

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 Which online slots are the best to play? High or low-limit online slots? Get all your answers in this definitive guide to playing slots online.

Is It Better to Play High or Low Limit Slots?

Slot players are one of the most diverse batches on the internet. Some are after the ICE Casino bonus code , which can help them claim unique bonuses. Others are after different types of online slot games that come with in-game features and bonus rounds. While some prefer playing at different bet levels. In today’s article, we look at high and low-limit slots. What are these games, and which are the best to play between the two?

What Are High and Low-Limit Slots?

As you play online slots, there are many options to pick from. You can pick an online slot by its theme. Under this, you can play Asian-themed slot games with Halloween, Adventure, or Animal themes. You can also play classic or modern 3D video slots. In short, there are hundreds of categories of online slots. 

Despite the wide variety, the majority of online slots are categorized as either high-limit or low-limit slots. What exactly is the difference between these two groups of online slots?

What Are High-Limit Slots?

As the name suggests, high-limit slots come with a limit that’s higher than the regular games. This is the type of flexibility that many high-roller casino players crave for. Typically, the bet limits start from a low of $1-$5 to highs of $500-$1000 per spin.

Many high-roller casino players enjoy and find this quite impressive. Because of such bet limits, however, it’s easy to quickly go bust, especially if you don’t have a sensible bankroll management plan. 

What Are Low-Limit Slots?

They are sometimes referred to as penny slot machines. This is because they have a minimum bet limit of one cent per line. While the working principle behind the penny slots is quite intriguing, it’s worth mentioning that they don’t always cost $0.01 during gameplay. At the brick-and-mortar casinos, most notably in Vegas, you’ll come across hundreds of penny slots. 

Online, however, you’ll need to spend at least 25 cents to play the low-limit slots. This is because of the increased number of paylines, which range between 25 and 50 (sometimes more.)

Now, some players might think that they can reduce the bet limit by decreasing the number of paylines. While this is true, reducing the number of paylines can also significantly decrease your winning chances. Winnings in online slots are usually formed along paylines. The more the paylines are active, the better the chance of winning. 

Do High-Limit Slots Offer Bigger Odds?

It is a myth that high-limit online slots offer better-winning chances than penny slot machines. If you score a win in an online slot game, it’s true that you’ll win more by playing high-limit slots, but not because the games offer better winning opportunities. It is because you’ll have wagered higher bet amounts, thus the higher returns.

For example, let us say that both the high-limit and low-limit slot games you want to play offer a maximum payout of x10000. If you wager $0.10 on the penny slot, if you score the maximum payout, your expected return will be $1000. If you wager $100 on the high limit slot and manage to score the x10000 return, your expected return will be $1 million. 

Best High-Limit and Penny Slots

The internet is awash with high and low-limit slots. Given the variety and numbers of online slots, picking a game that’s most suited for your gaming needs can be a daunting task. If you are keen on playing such games, consider starting with some of the following titles. 

888 Dragons

As far as penny slots gameplay is concerned, nothing beats a game with a single payline and a 1p minimum bet. Except for one without a bonus game, completely. This is a stripped online slot designed with the classic slot machine player in mind. If you are looking for such, consider playing 888 Dragons from Pragmatic Play. 

Rainbow Riches

Perhaps one of the most popular online slots, Rainbow Riches, needs no introduction. The game was released more than a decade ago (in 2009) but remained one of the most played and sought-after. It remains to be a crown prince of low-limit slots for many reasons. However, its low variance and modest payout of x500 your bet are the reasons why many people seem to be playing it online. 

Gonzo’s Quest

There’s no denying that Gonzo’s Quest online slot is one of the most played and popular high-stakes slot games. It’s so popular that there are multiple sequels to the game, including two live dealer games using the same name. The original version has a minimum bet limit of $0.20 up to $50 per spin. It has an RTP of 95.97% and a jackpot prize worth $225,000. 

Picking the Right Slot for Your Gaming Preference the Right Way

Most online casinos allow you to practice slots for free before committing any real money – no deposit is required. This is an awesome way for any budget-conscious player to carefully pick a game that fits their gaming needs. From time to time, you may benefit from different bonuses, including free spins, reload bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and many more. You can use these offers to play a game and see if their bet limits are within your budget. It gets even better: in the event that you satisfy the bonus terms accompanying the promotion, you can use the bonus cash to play and win real money. Cash that you can withdraw or use as you please.

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